The A3 Coffee Roasts

We import beans from the greatest ecological coffee farms in Ethiopia, Peru, Brazil, and Papua New Guinea, which are locally sourced and purchased directly from the farmers. We roast the beans in our shop so that our guests can observe the steps we take to provide you with the highest quality coffee while also directly helping the farmers, the workers, and the environment.



We partner with the best organic and ecological farmers around the coffee world.

One of Ethiopia's rare female exporters and millers, Asnakech Thomas, handles the export of this excellent coffee (if not the only one) from Amaro Gayo. Asnakech went back to Ethiopia and her native Amaro region in 2005 to work on enhancing the standard of living and coffee in her neighborhood. The Nechisar National Park and the lowland tribal regions of Arba Minch are located in southwestern Sidamo, and they are separated from the villages of Amaro to the east by the Amaro Mountains. The region is beautiful and distinctive due to its local coffee varietals, low population, waterfalls, and highland bamboo forests. 

The Amaro farm helps train local farmers to improve their yields and quality. It has also established the first group of its sort in the region, the women in coffee association. The farm also established and sponsors the Amaro Gayo Football Team, a local young soccer team, and provides funding for the acquisition of textbooks and laptops for nearby schools. The Amaro farm has took the initiative to encourage farmers to plant more trees and is providing incentives for each tree planted after realizing the seriousness of climate change and its effects on the surrounding areas. See more in the video from 2014 - and nothing changed since.

We only use fair trade and short supply lines to get the best roast to you. Certified.

Since we are also coffee roasters, everything at A3 begins with the purchase of the finest green beans directly from farms located all over the world during the current harvest season. To assure the highest quality, we sample roast, grade, and do quality control on our beans. To honor the distinctive flavors of the coffee the farmer produces, our beans are then hand-roasted locally on our in-shop roasters.

Our coffees wouldn't be on the grocery store shelves or in any other storefront that makes the claim to sell the best coffee. We take great effort to find and roast the best beans we can, and we love to share our enthusiasm for coffee with others who enjoy it. At A3, we're always coming up with new ideas and looking for the best ways to brew coffee. We share our expertise and passion with our partners and customers so they can learn how to consistently create or enjoy delicious coffee. 

We ship worldwide, directly from our base in Malta. Verified.

If you've ever seen someone work, you've probably seen how hard coffee farmers work. They take immeasurable care with their crop. The intention is to bridge our cultures through the fantastic stories that accompany each and every coffee that leaves their facility. We source directly from coffee farmers in Ethiopia, roast and distribute our coffee in the shortest possible way. A3 Coffee Ltd. combines ecological coffee and vegan lifestyle into one experience. Made with love in Malta!